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We are dedicated to providing you with personalized attention in order to accommodate all of your date, rate and desired hotel requirements.

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About Crew Rooms International

Crew Rooms International, CRI, has met the needs of the entertainment and production industry since 2007.

CRI's goal is to provide customized lodging options and negotiate great deals for productions worldwide.

Our business is largely generated by referrals. We have worked with television, film, reality, music, sports and other crews.

CRI is well known and respected in the hotel industry with partnerships extending to all brands: large, small, boutique, independent including extended stay brands for the longer term projects.

CRI personnel work very closely with our clients to determine their rooms, space and any additional needs for all levels of productions wherever they are traveling. We adapt readily as needed to make the booking process as comfortable as possible.

Our clients receive comprehensive information comparing hotel responses and proposals from which they select the most suitable option.

We are also always available to address changes throughout the entire project.

We are accredited members of IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network). IATAN, a department of IATA, has been servicing all aspects of the US Travel and Tourism industry for more than 20 years. IATAN offers global recognition and global reach, which not other accreditation program can.

Benefits of using Crew Rooms International to tailor your hotel needs

We conduct a thorough search of city/location based on the needs/specifications of each production.

We provide outstanding rates via established partnerships in the hospitality industry in conjunction with strategic leveraging across brands.

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