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ONE EMAIL, PHONE CALL or TEXT MESSAGE is all it takes then you just sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

We specialize in Entertainment, Film & Television Industry. We also handle sports, social, corporate and any other group/meeting requests.

1. 20 years of Hotel Industry experience.

Our owner worked for Marriott International for 10 years before founding CRI. All staff are trained to understand the hotel side and agent side. No other hotel booking agency,  focused against the Entertainment industry,  has this component. This makes us unique and the most effective booking agents available to you.

2. We speak “HOTEL”.

Because we understand your lodging needs, and we have the additional hotel insight: we know how to fulfill those needs. The opportunities we send to hotels are personalized to your individual needs and presented in a way that the hotels both understand and appreciate which directly affects how they respond to our requests. Our knowledge of hotels coupled with our solid reputation in the industry are a force with which to be reckoned. has this  in the fact that we have been a referral based business since and have booked  accommodations for productions traveling all over the world.

3. We = Less stress.

It’s true. We handle and manage all aspects of your lodging needs so you can focus on the important task of preparing for the production to travel so the content can be produced.

4. We save you time & money.

We save our clients precious time, and thousands of dollars. We locate the best hotels and work with the people at the hotels who can actually make financial decisions and give us the BEST DEALS. Every hotel has a profit margin and when you know who to talk to and have access to inside intel, it’s a quick and effective negotiation.

5. We are your greatest asset & only advocate.

Our client is who WE represent. We do not work for the hotels. We work on YOUR behalf and what matters to us is that you, our client,  is happy and receives the best possible deal. We stay in constant communication with you throughout the booking process. We believe relationships built on trust, understanding, and professional courtesy are the strongest. Loyalty to our customers is our #1 priority.


We’ve been doing this for over a decade. We are available, capable, qualified and we LOVE our jobs!


Dawn Frederick

I’m passionate about taking care of clients, and making sure they are booked in a hotel that works best for their needs. Every client is different—which makes it fun. There is never a dull moment.

In college I wanted to work in production and wondered how TV shows and movies were made.  I was not sure what aspect I wanted to be involved in but I new I loved being in front of a camera and reporting about whatever it was I was doing so  I thought maybe I would be a TV Journalist/News Reporter.

While interning at a few news stations, I also worked in a restaurant hosting, bussing then waiting on tables to make money. I took as many side jobs and volunteered as much as possible for different causes. Life changed and I needed a job with benefits so, a friend convinced me to interview for a sales job at a hotel.  By some stroke of luck, and apparently the right personality,  I was hired and trained by the best of the best. From there, I found my ticket to Hollywood! I worked at the newest hotspot, the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel – adjacent to the KODAK THEATER. It was a great introduction to Hollywood and the world of production. After a nice, on property experience with AMAZING, WONDERFUL people in the “back of the house” (this means those working working all operations: Housekeeping, front desk, security, back office and food and beverage/kitchen) … I left to pursue a job representing Marriott International as one of their Global  Entertainment and Corporate Representatives for the West Coast. This is when and where I realized that I would be a lot more effective representing clients and not limited to offering one brand of hotel.  They needed REPRESENTATION not someone who could only offer them ONE BRAND.





We've got you covered.

Whatever your needs—whenever & wherever you need it!

Why we are so good at what we do:

1. Specialization:
We are a hotel booking agency that specializes in the craft of understanding your needs; then researching, locating, negotiating & confirming your crews at hotels that best fit your specific requirements.

2. Focus:
Our focus is housing. We are not distracted managing anything else for you. You will receive the best deal possible including some special & great concessions.

3. Trust:
We have trusted relationships with hotel brands and management companies worldwide—getting you exactly what you need!

4. Size:
Size doesn’t matter—a great relationship is much more important to us!


No crew is too small!

We will manage any size group or crew, and all types of business. We are your hotel connection for any and all of your groups who need to travel.


What housing do you need?

We source and book hotels for short term, long term, all size corporate meetings & retreats, incentive programs and sports team travel. One of our specialties is booking rooms for the all aspects of the  Entertainment Industry. We manage room blocks for Indy films,  feature films, tv shows, multi city crew travel and all other types you can imagine! 10 rooms or 1000 rooms – we will assist you in locating whatever types of  housing & accommodations you may need.



We enjoy working in the crazy, unpredictable, ever-changing and fast-paced world of productions. We enjoy working for you!

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